Does my horse need a joint health supplement?

Does my horse need a joint health supplement?

Joint health supplements are beneficial for horses of any age, breed, and discipline. Whether your horse is a performance horse or a paddock ornament, every horse deserves to feel – and move – their best!

Horse joint supplements support the longevity of your horse’s joints. Your horse’s joints, by their very design, are sadly, not built to last. That is why all horses benefit from additional supplementation for healthy joints.

In this article, we explain how horse joint supplements work and why your horse needs one.

Horse Joints

Your horse’s joints are incredible structures. At first glance, horse joints appear quite simple. A joint is any part of the skeleton where two or more bones meet and enable your horse to move.

However, below the surface, your horse’s joints are far more complex. For those who love science and trivia, did you know that your horse’s skeleton contains three different types of joints?

  1. Fibrous joints: these are fixed joints that don’t move at all, like the skull.
  2. Cartilaginous joints: connected by cartilage, these joints allow for limited movement, such as the vertebrae in your horse’s spine.
  3. Synovial joints: lubricated by synovial fluid, these joints are the shock absorbers in your horse’s body. Think of the fetlock, knee, and hock.

Synovial Joint Health

While horse joint supplements are beneficial for all joints, it is the synovial joints that require supplementation the most, regardless of your horse’s activity level.

Here’s another fun fact for you – did you know your horse has 18 synovial joints in total? They include ball and socket, hinge, and gliding joints that are comprised of ligaments, cartilage, and synovial fluid.

With supplementation, your horse’s synovial joints are supported to remain strong, flexible, and supple for many years to come.

Horse Joint Supplements

Just like you, your horse’s joints will deteriorate as they age. By feeding a trusted horse joint supplement, such as 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse your horse will receive the targeted nutrition for joint health.

4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse contains our exclusive plant seed oil, patented for its revolutionary cartilage cell regeneration properties. It is also a natural alternative for pain relief.

Recommended by equine veterinarians and surgeons, Epiitalis® has undergone in-vivo, in-vitro clinical studies. It provides the ultimate joint support for your horse by protecting and repairing damaged joints and maintaining healthy joints.

It works inside the joint to actively reduce inflammation. Suitable for horses of any age and safe for long-term use, 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse is shown to produce clinical improvements within 7-14 days of use.

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