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A natural, premium, daily joint health supplement, backed by science and used to support normal joint health in horses and dogs, as well as the athletic demands of performance and working horses and dogs at any age or stage of their career. The revolutionary ingredient that makes 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte both unique and effective is Epiitalis®, our exclusive, patented plant seed oil extract. Safe to take long-term and with a highly palatable flavor, 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte  is easy to administer – simply administer orally using the provided syringe.

What is Epiitalis®?

Derived from a plant seed oil high in unique fatty acids, Epiitalis® is our exclusive active ingredient. Scientifically-proven to support normal joint health and function, and slow the progression of osteoarthritis, Epiitalis® is safe to use long-term, easily digestible and readily absorbed into the body.

*100% guaranteed for palatability or your money back.

For our active and trusted companions

Our best friends and workmates are energetic creatures who love to play, run, jump and be on the move. As they age, you may begin to notice them slowing down or refusing to do what they love. Support them with 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Dog, our scientifically proven joint health supplement that prevents and treats osteoarthritis in dogs while maintaining joint health at all ages and stages of life.

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“4CYTE™ has improved our dogs’ overall health and wellbeing in a way we did not think was possible. We have seen results from 4CYTE™ as soon as only a couple of days after giving it to our dogs. When working stock dogs, they are constantly exposed to different terrains and required to manoeuvre themselves to control livestock in a way that they put a lot of strain on their joints. After starting to use 4CYTE™, our dogs can work longer and recover significantly faster after their training sessions. We have seen incredible results, especially in older dogs where they get their normal mobility back and increase in stamina. Besides improving our dogs’ joint health, we have also experienced better focus and shinier coats. There is no doubt, that 4CYTE™ improves the overall health in dogs and prevents injuries. The benefits we have experienced are countless and we would never go a day without 4CYTE™ again. It is easy to administer, and the dogs love the taste. We highly recommend 4CYTE™ to every dog owner!“

Maycon Moura

Moura Stock Dogs

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Keep your horses performing at their peak with 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse

Give your working and leisure horses a revolution in joint care with 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse. Backed by 25 years of research, this treatment is scientifically-proven to slow the progression of osteoarthritis as well as reduce its radiographic signs.

4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse is a scientific breakthrough that safely and effectively treats joint health conditions while maintaining and supporting joint health.

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“We use 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte Horse to maintain healthy joints in all of our horses, giving them the best chance at success and longevity in their cutting careers”

John Mitchell

2021 NCHA Futurity Champion & $5 Million in total career earnings

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