Maycon Moura

Maycon Moura

Moura Stock Dogs have been active in the stock dog industry since 2004 when Maycon Moura first began training working dogs out of necessity on big ranches in Brazil. Maycon started working full time at cattle and sheep operations in Brazil at the age of ten. Stock dogs have not only been a necessary part in getting work done but also as partners through every moment in Maycon’s life.

Today Maycon runs Moura Stock Dogs together with his wife Emma and daughter Cheyenne out of Perrin, TX. Maycon has had an impressive show record with some of his biggest accomplishments being the 2021 NCA Open National Champion, 2021 Rodear America Green Dog National Champion and Dog of the Year, 2021 Supreme Champion and 2022 SWCDA Maturity National Champion. He has trained people from all over the World and has established a well-known name for himself within the stock dog industry.

Moura Stock Dogs have a TV Show – Moura Dogmanship. Moura Dogmanship will give viewers the exclusivity of getting to join Maycon in his everyday training stock dogs and helping people with their working dogs. A good stock dog is an invaluable asset to a ranch and livestock operation. Maycon’s goal is to educate more people about the benefits of stock dogs and how to make great ones!

Maycon’s motto is:
“Train a working dog that can trial, not a trial dog that can’t work!”

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